Sensgreen provides indoor air quality solutions with an AI-engined software platform and homegrown patented wireless sensors

Sensgreen utilizes advanced analytics and powerful sensors to increase indoor environmental air quality in workspaces, retail spaces, hospitality facilities and healthcare facilities.


What we do
Know What You Breathe.

Sensgreen develops sensor-powered data analytics solutions with the use of Artificial Intelligence and homegrown patented wireless sensors converting measured data into actionable insights for optimizing HVAC control systems.

sensNODE is Sensgreen’s long-range, battery-powered, self-calibrating, plug-n-play sensor which transmits real-time data, bridging the gap between building occupants and management. SensCLOUD is Sensgreen’s AI-powered analytics and prediction technology built with reinforced learning algorithms that transforms incoming data into actionable insights. SensAPP is Sensgreen’s award-winning user interface that compares the past and present, discovers trends, sends predictions and sets alarms, facilitating the feedback process from building occupants and encouraging them to proudly present their air quality improvements.




Maximize Comfort. Minimize Energy.

Sensgreen is committed to providing better and healthier living and working spaces for everyone in the region, in support of the national strategic programs addressing improvement of air quality.

Through its offerings, Sensgreen aim to conserve the environment, promote green building practices and deliver the best value for customers and stakeholders.

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