Building an open and neutral infrastructure for the New Space EconomyBuilding an open and neutral infrastructure for the New Space Economy

SpaceChain aims to integrate blockchain nodes on satellites to add a new dimension to the core framework of distributed ledgers. These node satellites will bring blockchain to space and make use of existing space technology.

The company is pioneering a new layer of infrastructure for the internet of blockchains while taking advantage of space resources.


Integrating space and blockchain technologies

SpaceChain’s platform features data collection, computing, applications, and storage. It uses satellites as its operational nodes for realizing direct on-satellite data processing and secure in-space data storage through cryptographic technologies such as quantum communications.

The company has more than 20 people working on its project and another 20 engineers who are contributing to the development of SpaceChain’s hardware and software.



Bringing blockchain & space together to create opportunities

Founded in 2017, SpaceChain is building an open and neutral infrastructure for the New Space Economy by integrating space and blockchain technologies. Its vision is to remove barriers and allow a global community to access and collaborate in space.

SpaceChain also offers space-as-a-service for modern businesses, enabling companies to explore and realize the great potential of space and blockchain. The company also engages in grant-funded research to promote the acceleration of technology advancement.

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