SPL Solutions

Managing seamless software engineering processes

SPL Solution’s AI based engine, analyzes source code and understands key functionality and dependencies. Its advanced visualization allows for quick assessments and faster decision making. From the initial auditing of software to the recovery of software architecture and documentation, SPL also simplifies the governance of software. SPL uses AI and machine learning techniques to understand code written by others and gain insights.

SPL can analyze tens of thousands of lines of code in a matter of minutes recovering the entire software architecture of the source code. With its advanced AI capabilities, it helps to identify which areas of the code are easiest to migrate, what functions and services can easily be ported to the cloud.




Building the ultimate cost-efficient software

SPL Solution improves the success of IT Legacy code migration to the cloud while reducing costs up-to 30%.





We take care of everything AI, from inception to completion

SPL builds insight and governance tools that enable customers to identify any type of architectural weakness, software security flaws, poor quality of source code long before the code gets put into production.

The startup aims to help customers manage their architecture evolution, reduce complexity and improve the overall quality of their software. It also aims to speed up the software modernization process and simplify migration to the cloud.




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