Takalam allows you to connect with a professional counsellor from anywhere at any time to speak your mind.

Takalam offers a convenient and personalized solution for mental wellbeing. The platform provides a safe haven - a place filled with hope and positivity, and that helps lift you up when you are down and supports you in your journey of growth. The Takalam team have created a place where you can feel safe to talk about whatever comes to your mind, and where you would feel accepted for who you are, unconditionally.

What we do
Safe | Convenient | Personalized  

Takalam is an online counselling and wellbeing platform, connecting individuals, couples, and organizations directly with professional counsellors. Takalam accomplishes this through a private and personalized digital experience using video, audio, and instant messaging on a highly secured platform.

Promoting a state of wellbeing

Takalam’s mission is to promote a state of wellbeing and the pursuit of achieving a healthy mind by making online counselling available to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. The team aims to break the cultural stigma around mental health for a more significant social impact.

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