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Teacherly is a faster, easier and quicker way to plan and deliver lessons online.

Teacherly turns teachers into teams who collaborate, wherever they are. The platform is one simple, safe place to share planning, collaborate on CPD, moderate each other’s work and connect with teachers across schools and continents.

The platform also creates a framework for planning that is universal with tailored recommended lessons, clear routes of progression and real time anywhere teaching and learning.

What we do
A platform developed to better understand teacher performance and use predictive data.

Teacherly helps create a digital passport for the teaching workforce. The platform turns professional development on its head with bite sized videos and a communal gaming approach to help unlock friendships between peers.


The platform has a roadmap to automate the amount of time it takes to capture and colsolidate these skills by partnersing with Amazon AWS on voice technology and by working closely with businesses and allowing them to post projects onto the platform in which teachers and students can take part.



Teacherly is on a mission to help teachers unleash their full potential by inventing the tools of the future that are easy to use and make teaching enjoyable.

Teacherly launched in 2014. Since then it has built a community of more than 14,000 educators from around the world who are working together to build a better future.

Its platform focuses on the teaching workforce to better understand teacher performance and use predictive data. This enables Teacherly to showcase and disseminate their strengths which most of the times get suppressed because of workload around the demands of the curriculum. 

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