The Concept
The Concept aims to build innovative solutions that adapt to the current ethnography, their studied environment and our ecosystem.

The Concept strives to increase the ease of functionality for its customers, and its passion driven concepts saves direct and in-direct costs as it reintroduces efficiency as well as sustainability into the aviation market.

The company has looked at operational touch points from the perspective of the key stakeholders within the aviation industry; the airline, the passenger & the staff and develops solutions that will be able to reinforce and positively enhance their ecosystem.

What we do
By redefining sustainability in aviation

The Concept specialises in research and development, design, uses innovative materials and design thinking to rapid prototype ideas, looks outside the box and gives corporates a fresh perspective on how to tackle ideas and execute them in a sustainable manner.






Founded by three young entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds in business, design and engineering.

In early 2017, The Concept made its first appearance in the market by being part of and winning the INTELAK incubator program, an avation, travel & tourism incubator. The Concept is a culmination of disruptive hardware and software solutions that embodies sustainability, technology & innovation.

With core competencies within the team focused within aviation and an identified gap in the market, The Concept initially focused on the aviation market and has gone on to work with some of the worlds leading airlines and flight catering centers. The Concept brings experience and a network of industry professionals to help its customers make the best decisions.

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Who we are
Co-Founder & CEO - The Concept

Yadhushan Mahendran

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