Trella is committed to making trucking efficient, reliable and convenient

Trella is a technology platform that connects shippers to carriers. It empowers drivers, improves their efficiency, boosts their earnings.

Trella also works to reduce costs for shippers, introduce a transparent pricing structure, provide them with a more reliable source of carriers while allowing them to track their shipments in real-time as well as report key insights on their transportation trends and performance.

What we do
Reliable | Automated | Effortless

Trella is a B2B technology platform and trucking marketplace created to connect shippers with carriers in the highly fragmented freight industry.

The platform provides shippers with new levels of control, visibility, and analytics. The goals are simple, seamless, efficient and fast freight.

Reinventing freight and logistics

Trella is always seeking to innovate and deliver best-in-class service for shippers and carriers. Becoming the freight platform of choice is the company mission and goal. The team is currently operating in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and is passionate about empowering drivers, improving their efficiency, boosting their earnings.

Through its platform, Trella belives it can address inefficiencies in the day-to-day operations of the transportation industry, reducing costs of the overall market.

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Who we are
Head of Global Expansion - Trella

Peter May

“Trella's experience with Hub71 albeit in its infancy has been profound. Onboarding has been smooth and the impressive access to the key ecosystem players is already accelerating our growth and potential in Abu Dhabi, and the UAE.”


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