Creating fintech solutions for Fintechs, Banks and Telco's

Ukheshe Technologies’ platform helps banks and telcos provide digital first Banking and Payment services.

The startup delivers an SaaS based orchestration framework for its customers to build great user experiences, using Ukheshe’s developer-friendly infrastructure.


Being solution driven

The Eclipse API is an end-to-end solution for fintech's, telco's and banks, designed to deliver cost effective, quick to market payment products and services that enable customers to pay and get paid.

Through its SaaS based orchestration framework, Ukheshe enables its customers to build great user experiences, using the startup’s developer-friendly infrastructure.



Changing the face of fintech enablement

With a legacy in enterprise platform delivery in banking and telco sectors, Ukheshe has created an extensive range of micro services that enable rapid digital transaction propositions for clients.

Striving for transformation and innovation in the payments industry, Ukheshe adapts and creates components that are scalable, secure and ready to deploy in market leading digital-first propositions.

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