Using the latest innovations in location technology

Wainsk uses the latest Hardware & Software technology that has been proven in the field. The startup provides a future proof solution and flexible financial models to fit into a hospital’s budget and can deliver upon a modular approach that can be expanded.

The company also lets hospitals decide the level of automation and control over its operation

Making hospitals smarter

Wainsk helps hospitals improve patient flow by using the latest developments in real-time location technology. Hospitals gain complete visibility on staff, patients & equipment location, in addition to a large array of reports that identifies bottlenecks.

The startup offers a future proof solution that will integrate into current infrastructure.

What we do

Enabling efficient hospital management

Wainsk is a UAE-based company that was initiated under the TIP program, run by the Department of Health Abu Dhabi and the Department of Economic Development.

The startup seamlessly blends into a Hospital Management System and its installation is carried out over existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, creating almost zero disruption to operations.

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Who we are

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