WeWalk is the Perfect Pairing for Ultimate Visually Impaired Mobility

WeWalk aims to provide everyone in the visually impaired community to experience better mobility. Even if you don’t have a WeWALK smart cane, you can still access the WeWalk advanced navigation and exploration features by downloading the WeWALK Smartphone App.

What we do
Navigation | Exploration | Mobility

WeWalk is more than just a walking cane product; it is a social platform and a movement which unites all blind people in the world. WeWalk is creating awareness in society, and fosters accessibility, social inclusion, more and equal participation in social life.

Blind friendly navigation

The WeWALK team is committed to transforming the usual white cane into an innovative smart cane. The WeWalk technology increases visually impaired people’s ability to move independently and promotes full-participation into social life via three of its features: Obstacle Detection, Phone Connection and Continuous Development.

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