WideBot is MENA's leading Arabic conversational AI platform

WideBot connects with your clients on any channel – allowing you to create bots that interface with Facebook messenger, WhatsApp and even your website.

Its platform empowers businesses to build smart, AI-enabled chatbots that speak the Arabic language like a human. Users can connect to one of these platforms or all of them.

What we do
Powerful | Proprietary | Effective

WideBot's proprietary enterprise-grade AI engine is sentiment aware, tone aware and can effectively detect multiple Arabic dialects.

The AI models are industry pre-trained, and they learn every day from historical data. Services available also include intent classification, named entity recognition and language detection.

The Most Powerful Arabic-focused conversational AI chatbot

WideBot's mission is to empower businesses with AI-powered bots that chat like human beings, so they can build strong relationships with their customers and maximize their outcomes through a seamless, personalized experience.

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