Zywa offers a prepaid card for teenagers and is an app to manage and save money.

Zywa is a prepaid card that allows users to make digital payments online and in-store. Customers can get access to their own super cool zywa card. Right now, users can download our beta app, where they can participate in the daily challenges to earn rewards that will give them priority access to get their card.

Zywa also allows parents to send money, which can be spent securely whenever, wherever! Customers can also put money aside for the things they want to buy!

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Zywa customers can start by downloading the app from the app store, sign up for the waiting list. Zywa will open the waiting list in batches and notify customers when the application is completely available for them to use.

A young ambitious team that grew up as teens in the region, understood the struggle and decided to do something about it.

Zywa is the first neobank for teenagers in MENA. With Zywa app, teenagers can manage money and have a prepaid card.

Parents interact with the same app to transfer money and oversee their kids' money habits.

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